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We've refreshed the projects in our showcase for January 2023! Check it out: vala.dev


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Desmantelada una red cibercriminal que atacó a miles de empresas, instituciones y hospitales

Una investigación internacional permite incautar los servidores de Hive, uno de los más activos grupos de ciberdelincuentes especializados en los ataques de secuestro de datos


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Casi dos tercios (63,6%) de los 25,34 millones de vehículos que circulan por las carreteras españolas tiene más de diez años de antigüedad.
¿Todos estos son ricos?

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I'm glad to announce version 2.19 of #snac, the simple, minimalistic #ActivityPub instance server written in ANSI C, including the following changes:

You can edit your own posts from now on.

Fixed the breakage of Emojis I introduced when implementing HashTags because I am a moron.

Added adaptative timeouts when sending messages to other instances.


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Sean Baxter not only wrote his own C++ compiler, but he authored this magnificent vision paper for the future of C++ that it moved me to reconsider my views on the safety of the language and its use future projects.

Seldom a man of my age and opinions can change his mind over something so fundamental.

Enjoy: github.com/seanbaxter/circle/b

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You know how C compilers have warnings mostly off by default, and static analysis and everything...

And once you turn them on for the first time in a code base, it is FULL of errors...

And yet those features are off by default because otherwise unfixed code appears broken...

Guess what? It *is* broken. You just haven't noticed.

@Enkil40 No, yo creo que no tienen nada que ver. Una es una cooperativa de Almería y la otra una S.A. de Zaragoza.

The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2022

" For the first time since 2015, Donald Trump doesn't top this list. "


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